About Us

Weirdo art by a Nerdy Weirdo

We specialize in making Weirdo or Lowbrow art with a bit of a nerdy twist. Bright colors, stylistic features, melting faces, and the occasional bit of NSFW.

Available for Commissions

Need an Album cover for your bands upcoming project? We can do that!

Need a design for merch? We can do that too!

Just want a picture of two of your favorite fictional characters in a loving embrace or in the heat battle? We can do that too!!

There's nothing I won't draw for money.

Quality Merchandise

We strive to maintain a high level of quality in the products we produce. Not only in the art, but the materials to make it. Vinyl, Weather proof sticers are our standard, as well as top notch enamel pins. We also plan on making patches and shirts in the near future!